A. You are in final step to do booking which is making payment

B. Payment must be paid before time given from system, and if exceed time given booking will be cancelled

C. Amount break down and payment amount must be match according to total amount displayed, included last 3-digit. Amount will also show in other currency for your reference

Payment using Saved Cards:

if you already logged in your user, you can save your payment card for your next payment. And it really saves a lot of time. Don’t worry, you will always prompt to input 3-digit CVV every time transaction.

How to pay using Saved Cards:

  • Just choose card you would like to use, and click Pay Now button
  • Input 3-digit CVV and click again Pay Now button

For guest users, you can free to choose any payment you like

1. Bank Transfer / ATM Transfer

For manually transfer to our Bank Account, transfer different bank is not recommended, because we predict it will exceed time given. And transfer is only accepted using Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, or ATM Transfer.

2. Credit Card

Payment using any Visa or Mastercard. For registered users now can save your card for next booking.

3. BCA Klikpay

Using BCA klikpay which will redirect to BCA web page.

4. Mandiri Clickpay

Using Mandiri Clickpay which will redirect to BCA web page.

Just click Pay Now button after reading instructions above

Screen will show Bank account detail which user can do transfer to, after you have done transfer process just click I Have Paid button to confirm your transfer

Fill credit card detail:

1. Name of card holder

2. Credit Card Number

3. Date of Valid Until (MM/YY)

4. 3-Digit CVV (behind the card)

5. Tick if you want to save the card so can be use for next time (only for registered user)